They will give you the most protection you could ever receive when stacked Zen style – 29 meters. Or you have the option of using the stone that you most need when you need it. Take PEACE to bed if you have trouble sleeping. Carry HOPE with you when you are out and about or give it to the kids to comfort them at night. Put LOVE in the teens’ room where Electromagnetic radiation abounds! (Each stone also available for separate purchase.)


They are a one-off cost, maintenance free, unique, proven solution for Electromagnetic radiation and all unbalanced energy.


Zen is a state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being and a state of mind. Zen means seeing beyond the illusion or distortion of our thoughts.


These Zen stones were created to help you live a healthy well-balanced life. Electromagnetic radiation and all unbalanced energy challenge our wellbeing. They are the most versatile and powerful balancing/protection you will find anywhere – guaranteed.  


Negative or disturbed energy, like Electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic stress, can affect our own perfectly ordered energetic systems. This debilitates us, and cause us sickness and suffering. The Zen stones are the perfect and most versatile solution.


What are the symptoms of Electromagnetic radiation?

These are some of, but not all, the symptoms of EMF radiation:


• Headaches 

• stress 

• Irritability 

• Fatigue 

• Depression 

• Insomnia 

• Poor memory 

• Learning difficulties. 

• Rashes 

• Dryness behind eyes and in the throat. 

• Swelling of mucus membranes such as nose, throat, ears and sinuses without any infectious cause 

• Flu-like symptoms without developing into influenza. 

• Aches and pains in muscles and joints 

• Nausea 

• Sexual difficulties 

• Shortness of breath 

• Dizziness 

• Cardiac palpitations 


If you are you often stressed, depressed, have no get-up-and-go and feel generally under par. It is very possible that it is because of EMF exposure! 


A set of Zen stones gives the whole house or workplace protection – like never before. When stacked Zen style the protective field is boosted to 29 meters and because of the combined technology in the stones the unbalanced component of EMF and all disturbed energy is processed faster giving swift, maximum protection.


Zen Stone Hope - 14 metres protection

Zen Stone Peace - 17 metres protection

Zen Stone Love - 21 metres protection


Not sleeping well? EMF robs the body of the hormone Melatonin which is essential for sleep and also protects against Cancer. Take a Zen stone to bed and see how you sleep. The proof is in the results – or your money back! 


Night terrors in children are common although it often goes undetected and confused with nightmares. It is an extremely distressing condition and can affect adults as well as children. We have a 99% success rate overcoming night terrors in children – and adults. A PEACE Zen stone brings children and parents peace of mind and peaceful sleep. 


How can I have less stress in my life? Relaxation and meditation are a must in today’s fast paced life. Easier said than done. Switching off your mind and achieving a meditative state is quite a challenge. Hold a Zen stone and its unique technology will bring relaxation, balance and a calm that you may not have experienced before – blissful! Carry HOPE in your pocket and feel its support in every stressful situation – wonderful.


Feng Shui is all about manipulating energy for your health and prosperity. Of course it is an ancient art that is very much on trend, but has most of us baffled. Now there is no need to call in a Feng Shui expert, or wade through a Feng Shui book, a Set of Zen stones will do a great job of providing all the life affirming energy you and your family need – guaranteed!


30-day money back guarantee gives you the respect of trying Zen Stones for yourself. 


Zen Stone Set - HOPE, PEACE, LOVE


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