This is electromagnetic protection and energy balancing as you have never seen it before!


The Skinny pendants are not merely functional- they are hand crafted pieces of jewellery made in New Zealand. In several timeless designs, they are fully reversible – so you get two designs for one price. On one side is the silver Skinny design and on the other is the spiral design. Wear it whichever way suits your mood or attire. The subtlety faceted edge of the Skinny pendant makes it very trendy.

When a pendant is this attractive who would think it was practical too.


New Life Energy technology makes the Nu-Me Skinny revolutionary!


Complete energy protection for a one-off affordable price too.

The Nu-Me skinny has a protective field of 6.5 meters. That’s an awful lot of protection!

Scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies make them much more than just a standard EMF protective pendant. Scalar waves work on your own energy system so will keep you calm in any situation, help eliminate stress, boost your energy levels, aid your immune system and ensure that you are protected 24/7.


The Nu-Me technology has been extensively tested which means that you are getting the very best protective pendant available and our 30-day money back guarantee means that you can test it for yourself without any risk financially.


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Pendant Nu-Me Skinny Tri-Curl

AU$199.00 Regular Price
AU$179.00Sale Price

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