The Tree Of Life

"The Kapok tree has long been considered sacred by the indigenous people of America, the Mayans.


It is said that sleeping on pillows made of Kapok cotton will bring good luck, purify and empower your material and spiritual energy and bring good dreams." Read more...

​Kapok is a wonderful fibre with magical properties. The word Kapok refers both to the tree and the fibre it produces in its pods.


Kapok is a majestic rainforest tree (Ceiba tree) that grows up to 60m. 


  • Kapok is 8 times lighter than cotton by volume.


  • Kapok repells water and is 5 times more buoyant than cork.


  • Kapok resists clumping.


  • Kapok bounces back to its original shape after washing or being placed in direct sunlight.


  • Kapok packs down firmly.


  • Kapok easily adjust to shape for example of the head on a pillow. Malleable, comfortable and supportive.


  • Kapok is hypoallergenic.​ Resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew. β€‹Perfect for asthmatics.


  • Kapok tree is sustainable. It does not need to be chemically treated at any stage and no irrigation or pesticides are used to grow kapok fibre nor is the tree cut down to harvest the pods that include the fibre.


  • Kapok supports local communities since the pods are collected and sorted by local farmers in Indonesia.


  • Kapok pillows will last a lifetime. You might just need to wash or change the pillow shell. 


  • Kapok pillows might be found quite firm initially, but once start using it, the fibres soften and become malleable making them extremely comfortable :-). 

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