Care Instructions

100% Linen Stonewashed Bedlinen


  • Linen is easy to care for and machine washable without fear of shrinkage. ​

  • Linen is naturally slightly wrinkly and doesn't need to be ironed.​

  • Gentle machine wash 40 degrees.

  • Do not bleach.

  • Line dry and remove the linen from the line while it is still damp so it keeps its flexibility and moisture. 

  • Tumble dry on low heat.

  • Iron on medium heat. 


Hemp Organic Cotton Bedlinen


  • Gentle machine wash with a mild natural soap.​​

  • Wash at any temperature and use vinegar in the rinse cycle to soften the hemp and remove all traces of soap.

  • Air or line dry. Avoid high heat in a dryer. 

  • Line drying in the sun can have a tendency of lightening hemp slightly. ​

  • Do not use chlorinated bleach.

  • Do not dry clean hemp.


Kapok Pillow 

  • Fluff pillow daily by hand.

  • Every month or so put it in the sun for fluffing and cleansing.

  • When pillow shell is stained, use new pillow shell and change kapok fibre over. ​

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